Solutions for Actions

VIEWS+S Consulting provides strategic and prospective advisory services to corporate decision-makers. Our expertise and skills in commercial property and corporate finance, our convictions regarding the ongoing and profound transformations of our economies, plus in-depth knowledge of players in European property markets, are the platform on which VIEWS+S Consulting designs growth strategies for property companies and supplies tailor-made processes for their implementation. Based in Paris and active on all the major European markets, VIEWS+S broadens the scope of strategic solutions for real estate players.

VIEWS+S is an expert.
VIEWS+S creates optimised solutions.
VIEWS+S positions clients from every perspective. VIEWS+S thinks 360°.
VIEWS+S is part of the changes that it drives.
VIEWS+S embodies a new vision of strategic counselling, combining relevant and long term solutions.

Vision. Reflexion. Actions.

VIEWS+S benchmarks, challenges and supports its clients’ strategies followed by help and backing for implementation.

A vision to support your strategies

VIEWS+S Consulting advises management teams from the real estate industry in defining and articulating the different phases of their strategic roadmap: prospective, new markets, new businesses, financing structure, external growth opportunities, designing strategic plans, risk management, audits & analysis...

A lever to activate your strategies

An expert in corporate finance and in structuring complex real estate transactions, VIEWS+S Consulting is a recognized player in European real estate marketplaces providing you with a strong lever to activate your strategies. In this context, VIEWS+S is a major force to help transform your business alongside real estate advisers, investment banks and lawyers.

Steering your strategy over the long term

VIEWS+S Consulting also manages strategic ventures for its REIT, investor or asset manager clients, including investment vehicles, partnerships or pilot projects.

Real estate industry players need to continuously raise their game. We design strategic initiatives and you decide; we monitor risks and then implement expert advice. Many changes are occurring right now and only visionaries are creating sufficient optionalities to build the future they really want.

Philippe Le Trung
Founder and Managing Director of
VIEWS+S Consulting

The team at VIEWS+S Consulting performs the must-do jobs that an advisory firm has to deliver on a daily basis: analysis, horizon scanning, and the close study of markets and trends. VIEWS+S Consulting also calls on several renowned industry experts to provide clients with the optimum level of skills to address their challenges.

Philippe Le Trung
Managing director

Philippe is the founder of VIEWS+S Consulting. He has chosen to service the decision-makers of the real estate industry thanks to his experience with a major European investor, his track record in investment banking, and of course his enthusiasm for tales of growth and transformation. The idea is to support property businesses at the key moments of their corporate development. He is happy!

Ismaël Messoussi

Ismaël has been involved in several financial transactions in the real estate sector and the development of a strategic plan. He has worked for a consulting firm in Luxembourg. He works in the sector he loves best. It is as simple as that.

Aferdite Tota
Office Manager

Her professional experience has come from working alongside decision-makers in the real estate industry, and also in the Financial Services sector. Aferdite devotes her energy to building the efficiency and dynamism in which VIEWS+S Consulting is grounded. You might say that she is an expert in finding solutions!.

VIEWS+S considers and analyses the full range of perspectives
and the different phases of economic,
financial and property cycles.


Managers of REITs or Principals of non-listed funds; CEOs and CFOs looking to optimise their real estate transactions; Boards of Directors and Shareholders; VIEWS+S performs advisory work for decision-makers in the property industry.